PC Signs

A Next Wave Case study


The Challenge

PC Signs is the supplier of signage and promotional materials for political campaigns at all levels, from the local school board to high-profile Presidential elections. Given the hectic day-by-day and winging-it mentality of most campaigns, PC Signs needed a website which reflected its conversational business model.

The Solution

Rather than a typical e-commerce system, the PC Signs website gives the user an estimated quote based on what they think they need, while a representative follows up to hammer out more specific details such as art assets and timeframes. Quotes began rolling in to the site mere minutes after launching.

Trade Show

PC Signs had been going to “trade shows” for decades. Same trade show display, but with The Next Wave graphics this time. “First time ever people actually walked up and talked to me because of the display.”

Many laughed, and asked if there was a “Rick Grimes” who ran for Sheriff. The key insight is that PC Signs products don’t require technology and the bills that come with it, to reach voters. Even after a Zombie Apocalypse, yard signs, t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and the rest of the PC Signs line keep working and working…