A Next Wave Case study


The Challenge

Retail brand marks need to be easily identifiable. Whether in a magazine, billboard or the web, the mark needs to instantly conjure up the identity of the client.

The Solution

For Mendelson’s we juxtaposed a retro design 3D type effect with the bold red M. It is a mix of old and new, much like the items the client sells. It gives this discount liquidator the strong image they needed for quick identification.

Back to School

Back to school sales can bring dread to students and parents alike… the cost, the crowds, the expense! This ad targeted college students who have even more needs and larger expenses than a K-12 pupil. Our task was to showcase the thriftiness of our client’s store as well as the vast array of items available.

Mendelson’s is the first place to look for every last thing (hey we wrote that!) and this ad demonstrates that. Amusing headlines like “Elvis shot his” kept customers engaged in reading the ad as well as letting them see the breadth of items available at the sale.

Explorer bus sides

When we’ve finished making a successful TV campaign for a client, we don’t like to let people forget it. To capitalize on the unique features that makes Mendelson’s an adventure we created these ads. For one year they could be seen motoring around on 10 buses in the Dayton area.

“Bubba”, the smiling explorer became a local icon and an amusing reminder of the unexpected shopping experience that awaits you at Mendelson’s.

The weekly feature ad

Mendelson’s is a place where you can expect to find the unexpected. Our goal was to create a series of ads that captured the same experience of discovery and anticipation that one gets from searching through our client’s store.

These print ads ran one at a time, consecutively, allowing readers to look forward to something new and humorous with each new installment. They are witty and cute and play with a wide range of references and items, all of which are available at our client’s store. A children’s rhyme for dog toys, a suggestive new year’s resolution for mannequins and the hardest working man in show business for bags… these cheeky ads kept the customers coming back.


Expedition — This is the TV spot that started it all. The introduction of the “explorer” character who embarked on “one of life’s great adventures” roaming the regions of Mendelsons. The pith helmet, vest and attitude set the way for a whole series. Some people actually came in asking about the US Geological Society field office.

Energy Bar — Wouldn’t you just know it…right after this spot started running, Mendelsons liquidated a bunch of energy bars and started selling them at the front desk. Getting lost up here wasn’t really a joke, it was possible, which made the television spot resonate with those who knew the store and made others wonder.

Dot Gone — The client wanted dollars off and brand names. We wanted to concentrate on the message. In what turned out to be one of our last spots for the retailer, we tried to compromise by getting both in. We believe the success of our campaign was based on the unique qualities of the store, not price. Anyone can match your price, but no one could match the experience. You be the judge, which do you think would make you more likely to shop there?

Point of Purchase

The store is huge… you’re discovering something new at every turn… scattered throughout the store are signs like these Hermes award winners just to remind you that you are experiencing “one of life’s great adventures.”