Las-Stik Mfg.

A Next Wave Case study


The Challenge

Being new isn’t the only way to be happenin’. Sometimes coolness is rediscovering something old, doing some historic renovation and revitalizing it.

The Solution

Las-stik has been around since 1915 and has a long history of cool collateral. Unfortunately, “modernization” stole their quirky soul a few years ago. We are happy to have made this mark, the beginning of a comeback for the classic brand.

Trade Show Booth

Taking images and copy from their classic advertising we were able to easily make our client’s new trade show booth a hit.

Adding the rear bonnet of a custom rod with the Las-Stik logo on it gave them the perfect way to demo the product. Sales skyrocketed as did leads after the new booth made its debut.


Las-Stik’s new brand mark needed a new way to be shown off. The complete identity redesign sprang from our initial redesign of their logo and branding. For these pieces we decided to further explore the company’s collection and revitalize their classic packaging design. This allowed us to capitalize on the history of the brand as well as develop a consistent identity.

Considering that their old packaging is a collector’s item, it would have been a shame not to use it.


While everybody else tries to modernize package design, we thought that the oldest part in the GM parts catalog should show its heritage. Our two-sided packaging design saves the client money and highlights the products home and auto uses.