There are some things more important than advertising at The Next Wave.

We’ve lent our hand with issues in the past dealing with social justice, freedom of speech, single-payer healthcare, urban schools, veterans’ issues, fair taxation, and directly helping those to whom the struggle is real.

We don’t have a foundation, nor do we give a set amount to ease our souls (read: wallets) come tax season. No carbon offsets here. We believe in direct action, providing our skills and tools of our trade to make an impact. We help candidates we believe in—not based on a D or R next to their name—but on their principles and character. Yeah, most of us here lean left, but we’re not ideologues. We know a good idea when we hear one, and reach out to conservatives who have them.

This means our business occasionally experiences the cold shoulder in certain circles of the community as a result of our actions. That’s fine with us. We’d rather make a difference than have everyone like us.

Propaganda works. Good campaigns need even better messaging. Listed below are just some of the examples of things we’ve done. Not for our bottom line, but from the bottom our hearts.

And hey, if you prefer the agency with no soul, we’ve got a list you can check out.

Torture isn’t OK in 3rd World countries, or the local jail

Dayton is the county seat for Montgomery County. That means the county lock up is here. And, it's run by the local sheriff. He's also the chairman of the county Republican Party, which is sort of a conflict of interest, since in Ohio, on election day, the Sheriff has...

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What’s the secret to better schools?

You won't find a team of people at The Next Wave that believe educational "drill and fill" is the answer to solving tomorrow's problems. But, that's what our schools have been reduced to. In poor urban districts, like Dayton's, they bought chromebooks for a 1 to 1...

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Don’t raise taxes to fund private school boards

Every large institution in Dayton, our home town, decided it would be a good idea to raise income taxes on the poor people who live in Dayton. And put a ton of money behind the campaign to pass the tax levy. There was "no organized opposition" to the levy, which...

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Free green basketball nets change the world

Ads won't make your life better. That's the promise of what ads sell. Political campaigns promise all kinds of things, but rarely deliver, and certainly not before they get elected. So when our Chief Creative Officer was running for City Commission, he decided that...

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