The Next Wave
Web Hosting Plans

No matter your business size or needs, The Next Wave has you covered. We provide a wide variety of hosting plans on our dedicated server, in a major data center, to help your business grow. With over 150 WordPress sites under management, we can quickly troubleshoot our clients sites since we can localize the issue fast by comparing your issue to other sites on the same software deployment.

You can also expand upon any of the pacakges below by purchasing various extras. If you would like a more customized solution feel free to contact us and we’ll develop a solution that’s right for your business.

Just the basics

More Than Just a Website

* Digital Advertising Campaign does not include ad budget

Experience the Power of Marketing Automation

* Digital Advertising Campaign does not include ad budget

Core Services Explained

Server Support: Setup account, install WordPress & initial e-mail accounts. Respond to and fix any server-side issues free of charge

E-mail Support: Email support calls, fix any email issues, even if the problem is on your  end.

WordPress Support: WordPress support calls, fix broken plugins/css/php. We’ll even do basic plugin installation, setup, and perform minor cosmetic changes.

E-Commerce Support: Maintain a WooCommerce online store connected to a payment processor. We’ll take care of any issues and field any support calls to keep your store running.

Monthly Review & Report: 1st Monday of every month we audit site, error logs, and analytics. Fix any problems if necessary free of charge. Recieve detailed report containing all information.

Digital Ad Campaign: Maintain a perpetual digital ad campaign on your ad platforms of choice. You provide the assets (or we can create them at our hourly rate) and budget and we keep your campaign running smoothly. Each month you will receive a report on the perofrmance of your camapign and the strategies we have taken to optimize it.

Google Shopping Feed: We connect your online store to Google Shopping to display your products. All the maintenance is taken care of.

CRM & Marketing Automation: Marketing automation platform that provides a CRM, automatically gathers and tracks leads, performs automated tasks such as e-mail, coordinates social media, and much more. If you have a large number of customers/clients/leads and need to efficiently connect with them, you need a CRM & Marketing Automation. All built into WordPress!

Dedicated IP: Unique IP address for your site & e-mail

Extras & à la carte

  • Domain names extra or bring your own
  • +$5/mo. for branded Gmail account (per account)
  • +$2/mo. for every additional 5GB without upgrading package
  • +$3/mo. for dedicated IP address (or additional IP addresses)
  • Premium WordPress plugins extra, at cost
  • +$5/mo. for every additional 15 e-mail accounts
  • +8/mo. CiviCRM (updates & support included)
  • $5/mo. WooCommerce (updates & support included)
  • $5/mo. Google Shopping Feed
  • $200/mo. CRM & Marketing Automation
  • $49/mo. accessibility controls for ADA compliance

Let’s Get you Set Up

Need a more customized solution? We’re flexible. Reach out and let us know what you’d like.