with the Next Wave

Welcome, prospective intern.

You have chosen wisely, for an internship at The Next Wave does not include making coffee, running errands, or cutting rubylith.

What we expect from you, before you even talk to us, is for you to have read Luke Sullivan’s amazing bible of advertising, “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” and don’t worry, we expect all our employees to read it too, we’re not singling you out. You should probably also check out the company handbook: “Steal this Handbook” to make sure you think you’ll fit in. We know you’ve checked out our work, but you may also want to listen to our founder and chief creative officer talk about his advertising origin story- and what he thinks are the keys to breaking in to any agency positions on the A-List podcast. Soundcloud Apple Podcasts

could be

Then, prepare an awesome cover letter/introductory email that sells us you. Not on how great you are, but, how our lives will improve if we pick you to come aboard for your intensive lesson in how it’s really done. Make it amazing. Make it zing. Attached should be a resume- as a PDF, titled “[my_full_name_]resume.pdf and a PDF portfolio of work. If you don’t have a portfolio, make a portfolio of what you consider great ads. Show us the ad and you write what you think the brief was.

Writing a brief is tough. Writing a great one is the stroke of genius. Impress us.

Our terms for your internship: A set schedule in Dayton Ohio. How many hours a week are up to you. We paid all of our interns with a minimum payment of “knowledge,” but for the ones who could contribute meaningful work on time and within budget–well, that’s another story.

We’ve had interns from as far away as Austria. Room and board are up to you.

After you’ve read Whipple, email us with the address below.

We’ll get back to you quickly.