When we first wrote about the Chiat/Day produced Apple “get a mac” ads- I was comparing them to the Burger King Manthem- and viewing them from an efficiency standpoint.

Reading this article in the LA Times, we find out that Apple has at least 25 of these in the can- and I can guarantee they all cost less than the one BK Manthem spot produced by Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

Not strictly commercial - Los Angeles Times

There have been seven spots so far with Long playing the slacker-hip Mac guy to John Hodgman’s nerdy PC guy and there are almost 20 more in the can, guaranteeing that what is currently the hottest campaign on TV can last as long as the heat does.

So- in the day of one off ideas, fire for effect TV spots- with huge budgets- and very little actual selling going on- this Apple campaign is a standout- every spot hammers home a message of why Apple is cool, hip and reliable- while the PC isn’t.

The simple production values have caused a slew of spoofs- as a quick search of YouTube will show- but, if nothing else- that validates the concept as buzzworthy.

The question remains for other marketers- if two guys, in front of a white background- joshing each other for :30 can build sales- why have you spent so much with special effects, crazy stunts, exotic locales, etc?

If you had to sell your products or services with two guys in front of a white screen- what would they say?