We took to the streets today to promote the Websitetology.com seminar. Downtown Dayton Ohio has the cleanest sidewalks - making this both fun and easy.

Of course some people around here always get their panties in a twist about something - the post in front of the Mead Tower- was poking fun at the “New Page” Corporation- which just announced they are bailing for the ‘burbs-

A New Page is a Websitetology.com

“A “New Page” is a Websitetology.com”

In front of CityWide Development- we put a message about the realities of our website technology:

More Economic, Less Development- Websitetology.com


We also suggested you can get a great website for less:


“A Great website shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg”

A Great website shouldn't cost an arm or a leg

We also reminded people that no one watches TV commercials anymore- which is a good reason for chalk on sidewalks- Guerrilla Marketing-


No One watches Commercials anymore- Wesbsitetology.comThere were more- including

  • “I came, I saw! Because I googled”
  • “I Google, therefore I am”
  • “Get a PhD in Websitetology for only $79”

We’ll let you know how far $5 of chalk and a couple of hours can get you.