It’s not just advertising that makes the work from Crispin Porter Bogusky interesting- it’s the sites that go with the ads. Not always the best from a search engine standpoint- but always fun.

Here is a partial list from their site of microsites to support campaigns. Almost every ad you see from them has some kind of website to go along with the ad. These links give you insight into the thinking behind each site.
CP+B microsites

BK Subservient Chicken

MINI Robots

BK Ugoff Website (the spot was one of my personal favorites)

BK Angus Interventions

Borders Giftmixer 3000

BK Chicken Fight

Method Come Clean

IKEA Musical Chairs Banner

IKEA Back2School Banner Campaign

Virgin Massage Banner

Virgin Haircut Banner

Virgin Dreams Banner

Virgin Feather Banner

Virgin Bounce Banner

Virgin Golf Banner

and if you don’t want to just look at what Crispin Porter +Bogusky thinks you should be looking at-

try for VW for Miller Lite

If you know of others- please feel free to add them in the comments.