Screen shot of Google Results for Dayton Independents restaurant resultsI’m not sure who the independent restaurants hired, but the site by the Dayton Daily News isn’t helping them much.

How do I know, well, people searching for “Dayton Independents” are ending up on my personal site: which has a section on great places to eat and drink in Dayton Ohio.

This is why an agency that knows web 2.0 is critical to the success of any campaign- test your agencies adoption of this new way of doing business by going to google and typing in: site:agencyurl.tld and see how many pages come up.

Here is a snapshot of the Google results for “Dayton Independents” - note is number three.

It’s not enough anymore to run an ad, have a site, and expect results unless you have a modicum of Search Engine Optimization under your belt.

That’s why we teach our websitetology seminar. We even offer to teach the competition!