Well, the winners are the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities- and the presentation was awesome. Fluid, insightful, positive and had some great ideas: like a custom printed bottle- photo booth style, and some great online unification of the site. They even suggested less Flash, no avatars and getting a less fragmented face on the site.

It was refreshing to see a really good team, present a great concept.

I went to the judges briefing afterwards- got some more insight. I’ll post more later.

In the meantime- all the students who participated gave Coke an amazing return on their sponsorship investment- NSAC may be the best bang for a marketers buck ever.

Only one thing to be careful about- just before Minnesota gave their winning pitch, it was announced that AOL was next years client. In their presentation Minnesota gave AOL as an example of how not to try to force consumers to do things their way- which got a huge chuckle and applause from the audience. Good luck getting out of that hole for next year Minnesota.