Ad 2 is a subgroup of the AAF for young ad pros. Each club does a local public service campaign as a gift back to the community- and the winner was announced today.

When a campaign makes you teary eyed, you know it’s got something going right. The campaign from the Hawaii chapter, for was one that you won’t forget.

What’s more incredible- is the total cost to the client was $0- yet the value was over a million dollars.

While the beaches are important to Hawaiians, there was a group of citizens who weren’t able to get to the beach- the disabled. AccesSurf Hawaii was a new organization that needed volunteers- and potential client awareness of their adaptive surf program. To see the effect that getting a wheelchair bound person not just out on the sand, or in the water, but actually riding the waves was inspiring.

George promised me he would get the spots up on youtube soon- and then I’ll post them here, but in the meantime- listen to these numbers- 4x the number of volunteers, 8x the number of clients to be served- basically fast forwarding the organizations plan ten years into the future.

We recently had a client who’s favorite refrain was “advertising doesn’t work”- well, this is proof that it works, that the people in advertising care about their community, and that advertising can change anyones fortune- if done right.

Way to go Ad2.