Dayton Wings- “Differences”

The Wings weren’t getting any fans in a basketball-obsessed town. Previous spots had all been over-produced efforts at humor and high energy. What was missing was the fundamental differences between this league and college or the pros. This radio spot, along with a print campaign, the Dream Team challenge and a lot of value added marketing helped double attendance in a matter of weeks. This is a radio doughnut- the blank spot towards the end was to add each games specific info.

Dayton Daily News




These three rough spots were parts of a concept that was fleshed out by the incredible voice talent, Scott Lange (yes, all the voices are the same guy). Trying to take the client to the next level with a positioning strategy doesn’t always work. They insisted on sticking to the idea that a sale would increase subscription rates - well, at least we tried.

Dayton Bombers “Haunted Hockey Game”

Scream meets Scary Movie meets the Dayton Bombers. Low budget scary movies meets low budget radio. There is always a lot of information to weave into a Dayton Bombers radio ad–keeping them from sounding like a laundry list being read is the goal. This one takes some fun twists to keep the listener engaged.