Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs


The Cincinnati VA received some negative press several years ago, brought in a troubleshooter from the Dayton VA, and started to rebuild their reputation in the region. The area has a high concentration of veterans, yet, enrollment isn’t where it should be. The Next Wave was chosen to help tell the story of why the Cincinnati VA is the right place for veterans to be. We did a series of 8 videos over the course of the year. The client said it has been a good partnership and the videos have been making a great impact on how his office has been able to change public perception and scrutiny.

We’re a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned business, and this has been one of the most personally rewarding projects we’ve ever worked on.

Superior Water




Although the client made us change “beer companies” to “beverage companies” these 30 second spots served to reinforce the idea that water should be pure and that you can tell the difference. We usually don’t recommend 30 second radio spots, but these were for OSU football, which only sells ads 30 seconds at a time.