DataYard SysAdmin Day Poster

DataYard SysAdmin Day Poster

SysAdminDay only happens once a year. To get their geeks to remember Datayard, we made the invite something cube worthy- something SysAdmins could relate too. A takeoff on the old Charles Atlas ads, we promised a free T-shirt- for SUDO Champs. (sudo is a command - “Super Do” that sysadmins know well).

Zen Windows

Zen Windows


The Challenge

Window companies are a dime-a-dozen, with their high pressure sales tactics. Window salespeople are typically one rung up from used car salesmen and ambulance chasing lawyers. Differentiation from the rest of the pack was essential.

The Solution

Formerly called Columbia Gas Windows, we devised not just a name, but wrapped this veteran window man’s approach all into one, short, sweet name. The tagline closed the deal: “Relax, window quotes in about 5 minutes.” The laid back, understated cool was called the most brilliant move ever by the client.

  • “Buy direct from the factory!”
  • “No middle man!!”
  • “Lowest price guaranteed!!!”
These are the typical slogans spouted at you by the average replacement window company. If it sounds generic and uninspired–that’s because it is…

Our client had done business the “traditional way” for 15 years and came to us to see if he could Zig while the rest were Zagging. Our response was an emphatic “No! …you need ZEN”.

Our strategy was to offer an alternative experience for the window-buying public. We named the company, created the branding and have delivered positive results. Our client states that he has never sold so many windows, so easily and effortlessly. This is a case where less time selling means higher sales. The five minute consultation also means happier, more zen-like customers.

Web and Brand Support

The client eventually became successful enough with the Zen Windows brand to franchise it nationwide. While this presents a profit opportunity with minimal overhead, the franchisees are still ambassadors of the brand. To help support the franchises with appropriately branded materials such as installer shirts, business cards, yard signs, and even boilerplate email templates, we built the Zen Windows Brand Store.

Undercar Specialty Warehouse

Undercar Specialty Warehouse

For this campaign our client wanted to promote the affordability of their specialty stock.  What better way to advertise car parts than to put them on the most common mode of public transit in the greater Dayton area?

This ad was designed to fit on the backside of ten RTA buses, lined up so that the pair of hands appears to be holding up the actual license plate.  A diverse array of parts are on display and the ad serves as a clever call to action, completely aware that those riding the bus might indeed also be those needing “Price Brakes” to get their own vehicles running.

Retail numbers have more than tripled in less than six months.