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What they don’t teach you in Harvard Business School, or any other business school for that matter…

Advertising is a tool to change minds, grow relationships, create lust, evoke trust. Advertising is also only a small part of a great marketing effort, every single place your potential client comes in contact with your brand (and yes, you need one) they should feel wow’d from beginning to end.

There are only two kinds of advertising: Advertising that works and makes you money, or efforts that cost you money and don’t pay back. We’re here to make our clients money. We understand the cost/benefit ratio better than most.

We share our ideas on this site. It’s okay to steal our ideas, but when you realize that a good idea only works as well as its implementation, you may realize that you really do need us. At least, we hope that’s why you are here.

Our Ideas Are Worth

Do people steal your ads and hang them on theIR wallS?



When will the NAACP rebrand?

Today, Pepsi Co, the parent of Quaker Oats decided to finally toss in the towel on the Aunt Jemima brand of pancake syrup after 131 years. The brand hearkens back to 1889, but, they only just woke up to realize they were embodying a racist stereotype. We're seeing a...

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Never admit you’re losing: positioning in a pandemic

A local state university president, already facing a budget deficit, is quoted in the paper suggesting that "more cuts are needed" and that the Coronavirus is destroying their ability to enroll students. This is not the message to send, even if it may be true. There...

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A Creative Solution for Disney Parks and Covid19

Disney has closed their theme parks because of Covid19 and the difficulties of social distancing in a space where people are supposed to get together. Coronavirus isn't going to go away tomorrow, so what is the answer to opening the parks back up- and making it a...

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Some read. Some watch TV. So if you don’t want to read about our approach to advertising, we’re making videos about our approach to advertising.

We tell our clients that YouTube is the 2nd leading search engine- and video has to be part of your strategy.

Unlike most agencies, we don’t like talking about ourselves. But we do love to talk about advertising, so please, join us and watch and learn.

We believe the best advertising is created when clients and agencies speak the same language. That’s why we want to teach you about our love—advertising. When you hire us, we’ll want to hear about what you love—your business.

Be sure to read our posts on “how to select an ad agency” and “how to structure an RFP for government bids.” Or you can hire an agency search firm to help you, if you don’t think we’re the cat’s pajamas.