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We’re always flattered by the outstanding talents that come to our door begging to work with The Next Wave. Yes, our work is distinctive, but that’s a factor of our clients’ wishes to stand apart from the mundane advertising turned out by so many agencies. Even though our work looks hip, it’s all still based on solid account planning and marketing fundamentals. None of this means a thing if it doesn’t sell.

There are no secrets on this web site on how we do it, just examples of work that worked, for clients that cared. Our best advice to you, and even to our clients, is to read Luke Sullivan’s text book on advertising “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” and realize that some rules just don’t need to be broken. Advertising isn’t a playground to experiment with other people’s money in the name of ego; it’s about supplying a return on an investment — hopefully one that brings value to the brand over and above the expected increase in sales. We are always happy to look at portfolios — just make an appointment. But don’t expect a job here, we don’t have those. What we do isn’t work, it’s an extension of ourselves, our reason for being. Maybe that’s the most important clue we can give you on how we do it — eat, sleep, breathe great advertising.

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