Your ad agency can only hope to have something go viral like subservient chicken, Dove Evolution or lonelygirl15, and you could spend a lot of money on a dud. Then again, a bunch of kids (like my English cousins) with a video camera, some tin foil, a remix of a sixties novelty tune and iMovie- uploaded to YouTube- could have more viewers than your very expensive campaign.

I don’t know if this is the next big thing or not- but, it sure is fun to watch- even if you don’t have a clue who Daniel and Maya Fineberg are- or that they are related to me. Compliments to “Edward the pig” on some nice editing- and interesting camera work.

Would you want to have your brand in this viral video? I’m sure they’ll take some sponsorship money- and of course you’d have to clear the music.

I’ll get back to you on who did the remix of Witch Doctor [update] seems to be “Cool Sensation” off the “Playa Total 4” album.
Cool Sensation - Playa Total 4 - Witch Doctor

[update] The video is an entry for the “Fancy Dance 2007” contest.