Apparently the folks who run broadcast networks flunked business 101. Can you imagine book publishers not selling their wares through Amazon and Borders and Barnes and Nobel at the same time? Of course not.

Sure, Networks can sell their programming direct, but, that’s not the point- especially since they will be out of business in the next three years if they don’t adapt to the new realities.

NBC made this super stupid move today:

NBC Cancels Apple iTunes TV Show Deal - TVWeek - News
NBC Universal wont renew its agreement with Apples iTunes to carry NBCU shows on the download service, sparking retail retaliation from the computer giant.

NBCU wont pull its existing content from iTunes until its current two-year deal expires in December. But in response to NBCU”s decision, Apple today said it would not make NBCs new fall TV shows available for download from iTunes.

Its a blow to both Apple and consumers. According to Apple, NBC supplied iTunes with three of its 10 best-selling TV shows last season, accounting for 30 percent of iTunes TV show sales.

It’s not about the networks anymore- it’s about delivering content to a diverse and varied and increasingly fickle audience- as efficiently as possible and monetizing it any way you can. The iTunes store is one of the most convenient online storefronts using the best technology. Most network sites have had problems with cross-platform delivery, consistent transfers and poor models for monetization. With Apple leading the market with over 70% of the portable digital devices- it’s a market that networks shouldn’t risk alienating.

The iTunes store also includes web 2.0 community functions- something that the networks have been slow to grasp. The market is moving to open source, open platforms- and all NBC is risking is ticking off their existing client base.

Stay tuned in- or should I say clicked in. This is only the beginning of the end of the Networks.