They say the cobbler’s kids always need new shoes, well; we needed to update our site. Although people were always impressed with it, we did it 3 years ago, before CSS was fully implemented, and (x)HTML wasn’t quite 1.0 yet.
So we recently, quietly, went under the hood and rebuilt it, faster, stronger, better than it was before (and it didn’t cost 6 million dollars for those of you that got the reference).
Many of you won’t see any difference other than a few pages that no longer require you to continue to another page to finish the story. The site now features (x)HTML 1.0 Strict programming and is compliant according to theW3 Consortium. The site is now; handicapped accessible, works better with all current and future browsers, better optimized for search engines like Google, and of course, work and look just as cool as it did before.
Why should you care? Well, if you are a client who has an outside vendor building your site, lack of compliance can actually hurt your sites effectiveness, and your bottom line. You’re not getting the site you think you paid for. We often hear clients ask for fancy Flash sites thinking they look hip, but when we explain that search engines can’t index the vector images embedded in a Flash site, they trust us to build them something to standards.
As a designer, building a compliant site is just good craft. You wouldn’t ship a print file to a printer with low-rez RGB jpg’s anymore than you should build a site that isn’t compliant.
Our site gets hits from all over the world, and brings us inquiries about employment from as far away as Hong Kong, Finland and Austria. We’re actually embarrassed that it’s taken us this long to tighten it up, but the cobbler’s tale holds true- our customers always came first.
If you are interested in having your site evaluated for compliance, and effectiveness, please give us a call. We’ll rebuild your site to be faster, stronger, better than before too.