Review: Video goggles turn iPod into TV - Yahoo! News

MicroOptical iPod video specs

We’ve said that the big thing with the video iPod wasn’t the fact that you could watch TV on the iPod- but that you could buy a show for $1.99 that you could have got for free the night before.

The critics were quick to say, “who wants to watch video on that tiny screen”- and blew off the video iPod. Well- these glasses answer their complaints- making the video iPod turn into a 27″ TV- and you will look like Geordi LaForge on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Watch your TV- while you work- or drive (and you thought cell phones were bad)- or drop some iPod porn for that virtual enhanced evening. See more about the myvu personal media viewer here.
While on the subject of TV anywhere: This weeks Advertising Age had a huge article on the Slingbox- which takes your TV feed and sends it over the Internet to remote locations- and how the NFL in particular was unhappy about the prospect of Browns fans being able to “blacked out” game. This is what we call the Henry Ford syndrome- or the head in the mud view- because the Slingbox will be totally useless once we start getting all of our programming direct over IP.

Advertisers- who pay the freight for TV, aren’t interested in broadcasting when they can pick and choose directly who sees their commercials- which is what IPTV or the iTunes store, Google video, etc- deliver.