Hey, it’s good to know that The One Club (those cool cats who hand out Gold Pencils- at around $600 per entry) has discovered advertising can be done by agencies smaller than 3000 people.

Writing in their “One. a Magazine” they say:

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There’s a new wave of regional creative shops coming to prominence these days, in cities that have never before been associated with strong creative ads: Indianapolis, Madison, Orlando, New Orleans, and a dozen other small-to-midsized markets.

What’s driving this “second regional revolution?” Part of it seems to be the fact that clients, in an age of new media explosion and wide-open marketing possibilities, are looking for fresh thinkers who can experiment and adapt quickly—and they’re finding that, increasingly, by going off the beaten path.

The only thing they got wrong was their first line: There’s The Next Wave, a prominent agency doing strong creative in Dayton OH.

They must have missed that part about you can say anything you want about us- just get the name right…

Now- to be totally serious- the article is a step in the right direction. Great advertising can come from anywhere. Many small agencies would rather invest in their people, instead of high dollar award show entry fees.