Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Those bad boys in Miami, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, have released some of their first new work for VW. As usual, it’s unusual.
The gloves are off- no more being politically correct, no trying to make apologies for being German and killing 6 million Jews, it’s hip, it’s cool, it’s that precision German engineering - with a twist of Helga in leather (no- I’m not kidding).
Vee Dub's Helga
Knowing that anyone with a brain probably won’t buy a VW until they actually do start delivering a quality product (according to JD Power every Japanese car, and most Korean cars have almost half as many initial defects as a VW) Crispin decided to go after the “Tuner” market. The kids that go out and buy a $12,000 Neon and put $4,000 wheels on it, a $1000 exhaust, lots of decals and another $5,000 on the stereo- and still have a Neon, or a Mitsubishi Eclipse or a Honda Civic. Very few tuner’s in the States would touch a VW- but now, yeah baby, you can get one “Pre-tuned” by German engineers.
The spots- remind me of a cross between “Dieter” from the Saturday Night Live “Sprokets” spoof of a techno DJ, crossed with Crispin’s other designer character “Ugoff” (who designed a pouch for Burger King). Then throw in Helga. Yeah, Helga.

Vee Dub- Jason Vee Dub-Mike Vee Dub- Trey

The site- with some of the same flash technology that brought us “Subservient Chicken” is now in peak form (although my creation lost some features including my leather seats- oops). You can see my little movie here- My GTI Joyride with “Helga”
If you are one of those people that follows continuity errors in movies like my friend Audra, you will be wondering how Helga got back in the car after starting the race- but, hey, this isn’t reality- it’s just Flash.
Do I think the “tuners” will get it? Absolutely. Do I think they will start buying VW’s “pre-tuned” from the factory- well, mine was over $30K and if I put that much into my Honda Civic, I’d not only have a car all my friends would think is def, I’d actually have a car that held it’s value. The problem isn’t the advertising- it’s the price/value proposition VW is offering.
Will this advertising sell more cars? Probably not, but it is an interesting side show to distract people until VW gets their “German engineering” back on track. This isn’t advertising that will sell the line to anyone over 35, but, I’m sure that will come too. Unlike most agencies, CP+B understands that there aren’t one size fits all ads for anything anymore. I don’t expect to see these spots on anything but “Pimp my ride” on MTV - or the site vwfeatures.com be widely promoted.
While all Detroit keeps doing crap ads, it’s nice to have something provocative to write about. Thank you Crispin.

what do you think?