Big ad campaigns are great- for clients with big budgets. But, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Seth Godin talks a lot about that “something extra” in his book, Free Prize Inside.

For Jason Liff, film festival organizer extraordinaire, there was no budget, no time and no real plan for how to present himself at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival as a consultant for other film festivals.

And, while you would think that a visionary would have these things all planned out- it’s often not the case. He just called us and said, “I need something to hand out, and I’m leaving tomorrow at 6am.”

Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing- and nothing like a rush to get clients to step outside their comfort zone and approve something that they would normally give the boot.

Business cards can be phenomenal selling tools- and having a great card is something we always stress for our clients. It’s often your first meeting- and first impressions can be game changing. So for a guy going to meet with a bunch of Jewish film festival types- only one solution seemed right- we hope you agree.

Business card for a Jewish Film festival organizer consultant

Would a title under his name said as much? And in your card file- would this one stand out? (note to SH, while a 2 sided business card would have been cleaner- if you’ve seen a business card case, with all the card contacts in it- this works a bit better- and saved the client some extra cash on the rush job).

Good, Fast and Cheap- doesn’t happen in advertising very often- but here it is.