Fish Bubbles

Imitation is supposed to be the most sincere type of flattery- how ever; “Next Wave Marketing” in San Diego probably should be hiring us to sell their Fish Bubbles wall mounted aquariums.Fish Bubbles

How did we find out about this? Well, a small retail shop had the name of the product- and the name of the company (our name, by the way- since 1988) and our site was all she could find. We own the search category for “Next Wave Marketing • Innovation”- trust me.

As to Fish Bubble aquariums- we’ll probably own that category too, thanks to our really smart website talents. They are small, wall mounted, acrylic aquariums. Instead of paying for Google keywords to drive traffic to their site- they could just trust us to build a site that works. That’s why we’re The Next Wave- and they aren’t.