It’s an old adage, clients get the work they deserve. Starting a relationship with an agency often takes a break in period- much like dating, where the client/agency relationship takes time to develop.

The Pink Daisy Boutique print ad �The look of outfit envy�We’ve been graced with a little boutique in Dayton that wants to be Barneys New York- well, the mini-me version at least.

Barneys ad mantra is “taste, luxury, humor” and the store is known for it’s offbeat ways. The Pink Daisy hadn’t really established a brand voice when they met us through our seminar, but with a little help, they now have a new site, new business cards, new bag labels and now the first part of a new ad campaign.

Pink Daisy Bag label by The Next WaveThey’re really happy with their site- and already have written about us:

A Big Thank you | The Pink Daisy Boutique in Oakwood Ohio
I can’t believe I finally have a website and it is all thanks to The Next Wave.

And it won’t be long before customers start sensing a new energy from the little boutique.