Typically, the only thing that my alma matter does for me is call to ask for money. Found this backlink at the Wright State College of Business for links on resources to help find jobs in marketing. We are the only listed local resource.

Typically, every single job hunter looking for a position in advertising in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus area has been to our site thanks to our page: Agencies that aren’t The Next Wave, a list of ad agencies.

It’s so popular- we’ve even been copied by Brainwave Connection who now claim to be “The Next Wave of E-marketing” in an attempt to confuse people and get higher search placement. (update 2021- they’ve disappeared)

Career Services: Alumni: Services: Major Specific Links: Business
Advertising Age
Business Job Finder: Explore Business Careers
Careers in Marketing
Economists and Marketing Research Analysts
Marketing & Sales Jobs Page
Marketing Jobs
Marketing Major in the Raj Soin College of Business
Public Relations Society of America
So You’re Thinking About a Marketing Career
The Ad Council
The Next Wave: Dayton Area Advertising Agencies

We believe that our job is to provide useful, helpful content on the web- not just to be “The Next Wave of e-marketing” - but to help people find jobs and the best ad agencies in Dayton to help them solve their specific marketing challenges.

We also do it because we understand the web- and guerrilla marketing- and if you don’t believe us- you can always look to see what BrainWave Connections says about us:

For more information on competitive online ranking and positioning, contact BrainWave Emarketing.
The Next Wave

Leading practitioners of (guerrilla marketing). Not for the feint of heart.
100 Bonner Street
Dayton OH 45410

Here is a frame grab of the above, just in case they get embarrased about giving us such praise: The Next Wave, Dayton’s Guerrilla Marketing Agency