Why Sony isn't Apple

From Left- compact white Apple Powerbook power supply, The Next Wave business card, Sony DSC-T1 camera and un-compact power supply.

Sony used to be the cool kid on the block- especially when it came to small things- remember the Walkman?
I’ve had this Sony DSC-T1 for over a year- and love it for it’s size and it’s picture quality- 5 megapixels in a tiny package.
But, when you take a look at the power supply, as I did when packing for a motorcycle trip- and realize that for all the elegance of the camera- the power supply was ignored by the design team.
Compare the Apple designed power supply for my Powerbook- the graceful cord management system that’s built in- the choice of two options for the wall plug- the short mount (shown) and a long power cord.
Design isn’t something you just do to the product- it’s the peripherals, the packaging the software interface- the complete package. If Sony wants to stay competitive- they need to look at the total design package.
I’d also make one other recommendation- the sliding lens cover/on/off switch, needs some sort of positive lock- so often, as I pull the camera out of the pocket- it’s slipped open. If I was buying another pocket camera- I’d probably look at something other than a Sony for this reason- as well as the bad power-supply design.