Google Checkout Video Tour - Google Video

Google isn’t just the best search tool out there, it’s becoming the best of everything online. (It’s amazing what you can do with googles of cash). With a ton of money, and a different vision of the online world than Microsoft- Google is advancing into building relationships of convenience with their users- in other words, they keep trying to make your life easier- which is a GREAT marketing strategy.

We, at The Next Wave, like to say marketing is a simple concept- create lust, evoke trust. Google is working their way into the hearts of consumers everywhere by offering a complete selection of services- for free, that are useful, honest and open, that make your life online easier.

The big question will come when they face their first security failure- that is bound to happen. Will they do it more gracefully than PayPal, the VA, Ohio University or others- that have “lost” customer records.

Eventually, Google is going to be the king of digital content distribution (even though Apple has designed a better interface with the iTunes store and solved digital rights management issues) because they have the capital- the brains and the vision to do it right.

Google checkout is the first step to the complete customer relationship management solution- that will involve everything from Micro payments to credits for interacting with ads. Keep an eye on Google- they will inherit the earth- sooner than you think.

What do you think?