Two of my favorite web sites are both built by the same people: 800-ceo-read who want to sell you business books. Instead of trying to go head-to-head with Amazon, they spend their marketing money building a trust relationship with their prospective customers through two give away sites:

  • which gives you a chance to win a business book every business day by answering two off the wall questions. The name comes from the book mailing packaging- your book comes in bubble wrap.
  • which publishes downloadable “manifestos” on provocative business subjects. People like my friend Sally Hogshead, and my first hero business author, Tom Peters have published manifestos.

I’ve actually been approved to publish one on the future of TV- but, clients have taken priority over finishing it.
One of The Next Wave clients, Charles Halton, has his proposal up for selection- you can vote for it by clicking to this link:
And sign up for e-mail updates for the next e-mail notification of new manifestos- or download a few while you are there. The site is also RSS aware if you just want to livemark it.