You can tell who is web 2.0 savvy- and who isn’t.

Agencies are apparently paying $199 for 30 days to post jobs on

Krop - Creative & Tech Jobs
Krop jobs are everywhere! When you post your job with Krop, not only is it instantly listed at but your job is also automatically listed and broadcasted to our entire network of top industry websites proudly featuring krop jobs. Your opportunity will be seen by millions of talented creative and tech candidates on the sites that they already visit daily.

Build your own site to be searchable- and you can get all the job applicants you want for free. Even ones you don’t want. We get bombarded with applications here at The Next Wave, because we can be found in search. Unfortunately, many large agencies have no clue how this works- and pay to post jobs. is always a free option to post jobs, but, so are many of the advertising communities online. Adrants has its soflow community or where you can pay even more on their own little job board. Even Ernie Schenck experimented with a job board on his blog.

I was looking at page rank for searches on Crispin Porter + Bogusky and saw that they were hiring more Flash and motion developers on Krop. Figures- the agency that gets search the least, is looking for more developers that will set them even lower in Google results.

Considering I get search referrals for “is Crispin Porter Bogusky Hiring” and “Jobs at Crispin Porter Bogusky” maybe they should just pay us to fix their site and teach them how web 2.o works and save money on all the job postings?