The offer I made to Katrina displaced ad people was picked up by Newhouse News Service, owners of many papers - including The Times-Picayne of New Orleans. The article, “Employers give back by hiring Katrina’s Evacuees” by Katherine Reynolds Lewis speaks about the personal worth issues of those who’ve lost everything- and how to bring meaning back to their lives. Here is the section about The Next Wave:

David Esrati, chief creative officer of the Next Wave in Dayton, Ohio, has offered a job and studio space on several advertising industry Web sites.
“What you do is who you are,” Esrati said, “and if you’re sitting around doing something that’s not what you do, it’s real easy to get discouraged. Despair takes over.”

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Special thanks to Jack Goldenberg of Einstein Da Vinci & Goldenberg- who worked tirelessly to get this story out. Also, thanks to Matthew Richmond of the Chopping Block who built

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