Roti LogoThe line was too long for our rushed lunch in Chicago to eat at Roti. But the place was so cool, we decided to stop in and take a look after the rush was over.

Very cool- looked like it was worth the wait, nice design, fascinating menu (which I picked up to bring home to Dayton) and so I thought I’d snap a few pictures for my mental library of things I like-

that’s when the owner rushed up and told me “No pictures” and gave me the third degree on why I might want to take pictures. Well, I was going to say something wonderful about his place, but now, I’d rather just share this story on how to make a really crappy first impression.

roti - chicago, illinois

Roti was founded as a collaboration between friends with a vision to bring Mediterranean food to the casual restaurant marketplace, with an emphasis and focus on healthy alternatives, freshness and superior quality.

Since I wasn’t allowed to take pictures- I’ll have to share the ones from their site. Readily available- to everyone.

Roti interior photos

In a networked world you are not in control- your customers are, and good or bad, they tell everyone.

Which is what I just did.