Screen capture of Taco Bell’s Big Bell Value Menu.

I wish my associate had kept the receipt, but, Taco Bell needs to work on their site integration with their stores: there’s nothing worse than a broken promise.

I text messaged Richard to pick me up three items off the “Big Bell Value Menu” where all items are .99- of course I can’t send a link, because they build their site in Flash- just like all the rest of the big chains- not searchable, not bookmarkable- and really, not that useful with it’s “pop-a-mole” navigation system. Never mind there aren’t actuall descriptions of what are in any of the items. There are so many things that a site for a national fast food restaurant could do- but unfortunately, none of them understand web 2.0

I ordered the Zesty Nachos, Grande Soft Taco and the Double Decker taco. When Richard got to the register- the girl had no clue. I ended up with three items that were similar to the items I ordered, but they came to $3.79.

Taco Bell just failed me over .82 cents- and now I remember why I don’t make a run for the border very often.