Think Tank 3 thinks they are brilliant. They bought ads on Google (the ones that show up on the right of a search) for key phrases for searches for other hot shops. Here is their site:Think Tank 3's Google ad words campaign
think tank 3 | a modern day think-shop

Note- no RSS feeds, pop-up windows- all the things that Google and blind people really don’t like.

If you look at how Google sees them by typing in you will find they only have 51 results- many with the same headline. The OneShow thinks this idea of buying keywords was an innovative use of media- we say, it’s embarrasing. We can get to the top of search for free. The following is from their site- I can’t link to the exact page- because it’s a pop-up):

This online campaign for and by Think Tank 3 is the first ever idea based campaign to run on Google, using Google’s ad-words program. Search marketing accounts for gazillions of dollars in online advertising and it had never been used to host an idea based campaign. That’s why our series of ads, which appear on Google when you type in searches like “Crispin Porter”, “Alex Bogusky”, “DDB”, “Modernista”, or “Kaplan Thaler,” stand out so much. It’s also the reason they were worthy of a One Show Merit Award for exceptional innovation in media.

We’ve gone from not showing up in search for Crispin Porter Bogusky to number 11 because we understand that content brings real results. Google AdWords is an expensive way to get people to your site. And once people get to your site- wouldn’t it be great if they could comment on it- or point to an exact part of it- so they can send it on to their friends. Sort of like what this site accomplishes? What do you think?