Page 2 : The Jumpman in us all

When an agency and a client get it- and build a long lasting relationship- great things happen.

Wieden + Kennedy and Nike are the perfect example. The two companies have grown up together. It’s not just been a relationship, but an evolution of both the art of sports marketing and the art of advertising.

What started out with “There is no finish line” and probably ended in the best corporate tag line ever- “Just do it” has given all of us in advertising a model of how it can be done.

Nike brings us the next JordanPeople talk about the latest Nike commercial, be it “Bo Knows” - Mars Blackmon “It’s gotta be the shoes” to this latest spot featuring Michael Jordan- for all of a split second. The link above is ESPN waxing poetic about an ad- and once you watch it, you will instantly understand why I say these two companies work together to capture the heart of sport better than anyone else ever has.

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