Header picture from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip site

ABC gets it, CBS gets it, NBC doesn’t.
I admit it, I didn’t put my season pass on my TiVo for Studio 60 on the Sunset strip in until after the premier. That means I’ve got shows 2 and 3 sitting on my TiVo- but no number 1. No problem, I’ll spend $2 and download it from iTunes. Can’t. NBC doesn’t have their shows on iTunes.
So I’ll go to NBC.com and watch streaming video, no problem. Wrong again. No “Viiv technology”- not only am I on a Mac- but, my PC’s aren’t new and fast enough. Way to go NBC (and Microsoft) I’ll just run out and spend $800 on a new PC to watch your pilot, with the advertising- Not.
Which makes you wonder- is NBC even trying to deliver the largest audience for their advertisers, or are they trying to sell new PC’s and Microsofts DRM software that I had to install only to be told my hardware isn’t up to speed.
And the networks wonder why people are turning to file sharing technology like bit-torrent? If I was an advertiser in Studio 60 I’d be fuming at NBC for this gaff. However, the NBC site has such a bad interface that the advertisers probably wouldn’t know where to click in the first place.
If you wonder why NBC is slipping in the ratings pool, this is only one of the reasons. If you don’t allow your community to build around a show, and give your audience a chance to steer their friends to your new programming, you are only hurting yourself.
The future of television will be on demand, over IP and the content is most likely going to come straight from the producers- for this very reason- the networks aren’t doing their job of distribution adequately.
Too bad, ‘cause Studio 60 looks like a winner.