If I needed a copywriter today- I’d hire David Freels. You can read about his career interrupted on Sally Hogshead blog. To sum it up, David put his kid before his career for a few years, and ended up making the world a better place. We have a sign hanging in reception and at the front of this site that says “If you aren’t here to change the world, please turn around and leave”- after reading this story, I’m not sure I’m worthy to come in my own office.
So, I commented on Sally’s blog, and then another ad blog picked up my theme- David and Goliath - and that ad blog belongs to Ernie Schenck- another ad god right up there with my heroes Sally and Luke Sullivan.
This is the power of blogging and the Internet- the connecting people who may have never connected before, now come together to help as best they can. I’m posting this, in the hopes that a few other ad types who read this blog, decide to put their little job needed links on their site- to help David Freels get a job.
If you could use a freelance writer, especially if you live in the Atlanta area, please call David Freels.
Sally says the guy can write- and if she says so- who am I to argue.
Reach David for freelance writing work:
[email protected]