Checking your site stats can tell you things. Lo and behold, our top-referring page for May 05 was from, and that came at the end of the month.
Adrants is an advertising industry site with constantly updated news and opinion. Named the number one advertising blog by Fast Company, and AdAge named it the number one “website you should bookmark” it’s an interesting site to keep you informed on the latest trends in advertising, including guerrilla campaigns by The Next Wave.

Found another article- from an Italian site called the Google translation is entertaining:
Agency makes publicity with techniques from road
“An agency of the Ohio has made publicity using technical of guerrilla marketing to a held seminary gives to the Lautenslager, Co-author of the book “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days”. The participants to the seminary, clearly professionals interested to the not conventional techniques, have been received from numerous simply written provocative messages with of the gessetti color to you on the walls. In this way agency The Next Wave has intentional to above all demonstrate to the own creativity and the ability to create campaigns of impact to low budget.”
see the whole thing in Googlish- here: ninjamarketing

If you want to know what it really says- my father provided a proper translation from the Italian (he’s fluent in 5 languages)
“Agency uses street marketing to plug itself
An Ohio agency advertised itself by using guerrilla marketing at a seminar held by Al Lautenslager, co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days.” Participants at the seminar, clearly professionals interested in unconventional techniques, ran into numerous provocative message simply scribbled on the walls (sic) with chalk. In this way, The Next Wave agency wanted to demonstrate its own creativity and, above all, how to run a campaign at a low budget.”
Note- Google is great for finding things, not so good as a translator.

See, this guerrilla stuff really works. Our ideas have always been too big for Dayton, now we’re proving it.

Yeah, we know what you think on this one…