Sergey Brin and Larry Page, I hope you read this.
(The founders of Google)
To help with the Katrina/New Orleans disaster, could you set up a site where people across the country can offer a job and housing to people in their profession?
So mechanics invite mechanics to their home, bakers bring bakers, bankers and bankers and ad guys invite ad guys.
For the next six months, these people need purpose in their lives.
It’s not a question of give a man a fish, or teaching a man how to fish- it’s giving the fisherman a place to continue to fish.
I’d also say it’s a way to bring a bit of that infectious Big Easy Cheer to places across the country. Between Katrina and the War, we need to remember how to have a good time.
I’ve opened my home/office to help. I’m asking my clients to do the same.
Can the kings of Internet search help? Please?

What do you think?

I’ve just been alerted to this site- although it doesn’t do the job part well-

it’s an effort of