Gutsy promoWe offer the list of “Agencies that aren’t The Next Wave” as a public service- since so many ad agencies still don’t know how to build a web site that indexes in search. Even though we don’t think anyone should use an agency that can’t be found in Google even if you have their name, address and phone number - we figure if we lead you to them- maybe you’ll consider using us instead. PDF of flyer
Yet, when we get right down to it- the ad agencies in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton aren’t our competition - the ones in NYC, LA, Portland OR, Miami FL, Chicago etc- are the ones that The Next Wave would prefer to compete with. We believe we can do a better job than 86.7% of the “big city” firms.

So, today- we decided to go guerrilla and hand out a flyer to attendees of the Dayton Ad Club professional develoment seminar - offering to teach our competition how to build a site that will get their customers to find them- instead of us.

We pulled a list of 300 search terms for other agencies off our webstats- amounting to thousands of searches (many different people used the same term to find the other agencies on our site)- and put “IF YOUR AGENCY IS ON THIS LIST- YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS SEMINAR” for our Blogosopher seminar.

The rest of the copy read:

Customers looking for these agencies came to this year.
If you want to learn how to build a site that search engines love– and that any idiot can maintain– this seminar is well worth your $99. And if you are using any of these agencies for your site– you should come too (to learn what they are doing wrong).
However, if you want potential customers to keep going to The Next Wave site– that’s fine too.

Either way, we’ll take your money.

As usual- the other agency people still don’t know what to make of us- offering to share our “Trade secrets” - but, we’re firm believers that better competition makes us stronger. If you want to know how to get to the top of Google, and sell a ton of stuff by being the coolest kid on the block- we highly recommend you hire us (or at least come to the Blogosopher seminar) but feel free to check our competition too- it just makes us look better.

What do you think?