Mid-summer we got a call from a young, bright, PhD candidate who was looking for how to differentiate himself from his classmates when he graduates.
While most ad agencies would send most students on their way- we appreciated his gumption- and sat down to plan a strategy.
In our first bit of research we did a simple google of his name: 9800 results- all for a movie actor from the 50’s. Our first suggestion was to change your name and the second was to start a blog using WordPress- and build a site with his thoughts and ideas- to build a body of work for prospective employers to read and become acquainted with this ambitious young man. See awilum.com.
Just 4 months later, Charles Halton, biblical scholar and PhD candidate is now in the top five of the search results on google. This showcases how search engines value fresh content over static unchanging content. If your website has no active or freshly generated content, it doesn’t matter how many keywords you have, you can slip to the more agile upstart who has adopted the new force on the web.
Congratulation Charles Halton.
If you are interested in how to build your online presence, consider taking one of our blogosopher.com sessions to learn how to do the same for your business.

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