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We have sites that archive TV spots like and multitudes of sites that showcase print and design ads- but here comes James Gardner (not the movie star) with his collection of online ads- you know the ones that break your browser- or annoy the living daylights out of you- yeah- those ads.
Online advertising is still in its infancy- much like TV ads of the 1950’s - and while it may look cool- most of it is still intrusive and unwelcome.
I go back to Howard Luck Gossage with his famous statement “people don’t read ads, they read what interests them- and sometimes it’s an ad.”
So- if online ads are your thing- the site is your place. And while charges a subscription to view content- this site will be ala carte- just fork over .49 per ad if you want the full effect.
In my ideal world- agencies would get paid by networks for supplying ads that people actually liked- so best of luck making a dime James, because with the current state of online ads- I think most people would be willing to pay not to have to deal with them.