It’s good to see one of the local agencies get recognized for doing great work, but it’s even better to see them cash out. Barefoot has been on our list of agencies that aren’t The Next Wave for a long time- however, at least for right now- they seem to be the next wave.

Cincinnati-based Agency to Become Part of BBDO’s Proximity Network

NEW YORK, JULY 14, 2008 – BBDO Worldwide announced today that it has acquired Barefoot, Cincinnati’s premier creative advertising agency. The 15-year old agency will become part of BBDO North America and a member of the Proximity Worldwide Network, BBDO’s award-winning global direct and digital marketing network.

Barefoot >> Press >> BBDO Buys Barefoot.

We’ve had a few pleasant e-mail exchanges with CCO Doug Worple- including about his iPhone data roaming charges- and to update their url, since we were one of the main sites that sent them traffic (when it comes to digital- we can still give them a run for their money).

We wish them all the best. Although, in our book- Cincinnati’s premier creative agency is The Creative Department. But, BBDO didn’t ask us.