Doppelganger Laboratories

Challenge: Practically every other 3-D scanner/printer of people had used “Mini-Me” and 3-D to identify their products, including the entrepreneur who walked through our door a mere month before opening. Unfortunately, when search means everything- and “Mini-Me” is a registered trademark of a very large company, we had to work fast to come up with a new name and brandmark.

Strategy: Doppelganger Labs - may not roll off the tongue, but it was easily identifiable as a unique business that made little duplicates of you. In search- we’d be on top.

Why it worked: Unfortunately, the company that sold the system to them, wasn’t quite as ready for prime time. Problems with quality and delivery as well as back end system issues, made this a difficult business to sustain. The business closed in 10 weeks. The brand is now for sale- complete with social media accounts and a website that’s built for appointment based scanning- with a complete marketing automation system.