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We’re just an agency you haven’t heard of.
There are lots of those.

Some say that your success isn’t based on what you know, but who you know.

We know Luke Sullivan, and he thought that what we know was important to help him improve the functionality of his site at heywhipple.com

It was an honor to work for someone you idolize. It’s even a bigger honor when he says kind things like this:

“Okay, if you HAD to leave my site, at least I’m glad you left me for this, The Next Wave.

I like these guys.

Okay, one guy in particular, the boss, David, whom I call “Ez,” which I’m not positive he likes but I think it sounds pretty cool, though maybe not as cool is “T-Bone” or something like that (fist bumps to any of you who picked up on the reference to George’s nickname on Seinfeld), but I digress.

Recently I asked David look under the hood of my site at heywhipple.com and dang if he didn’t go pokin’ around in thar (these are technical terms, people) and came walkin’ out of his digital garage rubbing his hands in a digitally-greasy digital-work rag and he gave me the report on all the stuff inside my site that needed fixing, and he said, “There’s a hotel down the road a piece. Reckon you can stay there awhile, seein’ as how I’m gonna have your website up on blocks.” (SMALL TOWN GARAGE METAPHOR FADES)

David. I am happy to write a recommendation for your services. Thanks for thorough check-up, the attentive service, and explaining things to me in a way I could understand.

You rock.”

Luke Sullivan

Author, "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!"

Now that you’re here (thanks to Luke) we hope you look around and try to figure out what we can do to help you.

Thanks for clicking over to us.

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