Luke Sullivan,

Luke Sullivan wrote the definitive book on effective advertising, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!. It’s a book anyone in the biz ought to read—in fact, it is mandatory reading for anyone who works here. To be approached by Luke to work on his website was an honor. He initially asked us to give a quick once over the current site, making sure everything was up to date and some slight adjustments to the existing design. Shortly thereafter, Luke wanted us to completely redesign the site from the ground up.

Luke posts on his blog fairly frequently, so it wasn’t clear where someone should start if they wanted to get a sense of his thoughts outside of his book. We remedied this by including a list of his most read as well as most commented-on posts, encouraging further discussion. We also created an expanded reading section of the site using a list provided by Luke, including images of the books, short reviews and a link to an amazon listing. These are controlled through posts in WordPress and can be easily carried over to future iterations of the site.

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