GM “Reinvention” spot fails business 101

You’d think with the world watching as the worlds greatest automotive company declares bankruptcy, the first effort to rebuild the brand would reassure you that they still know how to produce quality - would at least mention it? sorry embed is off.

Not so with the new spot from Deutsch.

The reason GM failed was that they took their eye off the ball, and refused to listen when Americans started buying smaller, higher quality, better fuel efficiency from companies that didn’t change the trim a little bit and try to convince us that a cat was now a dog.

Telling the American people that “This is not about going out of business. This is about getting down to business” in a spot full of canned imagery including hockey, football, baseball and horse racing- isn’t about getting down to business at all, it’s more mumbo-jumbo from a company that has not only failed it’s stockholders, stakeholders but our entire country.

When the saying used to be “What’s good for GM is good for America” you can’t just slap some anonymous announcers voice on top of  emotional images like a tattered flag waving and expect people not to wonder why our government just backed you up.

Lee Iaccoca set the standard when Chrysler took a bailout, coming on camera with a direct and honest apology for failing- and making a promise to come back. What this spot says is that GM doesn’t even have anyone left with balls enough to lead them out of their mess.

Compare this Chrysler spot from 1984, and you’ll understand why GM still has no clue about what “Getting down to business” means.