New ad agency launches in Dayton Ohio- U! Creative Inc.

The Wilson Advertising site has been a holding page for as long as I can remember, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the latest ad agency spinoff in town picked a name (U! Creative) that is already taken as a URL by someone else.

And, of course, the Dayton Business Journal doesn’t include an address, phone or web address with a business story about a start-up, something that would seem obvious to almost any first year journalism student, so, I can’t add anything except a name to our list of “Agencies that aren’t The Next Wave” page.

Advertising trio launch new agency - Dayton Business Journal:
Three area advertising veterans have departed their jobs and launched their own agency.

Ron Campbell, Ike Imhof and Sheila Siefer opened U! Creative Inc. last week in a 2,000-square-foot office in downtown Miamisburg.

The trio are all former employees of Miamisburg-based Wilson Advertising and Design Inc.

As founders, owners and sole employees, the trio said they bring 70 years experience in the market.

The firm will handle advertising tasks including paper or pamphlet ads, newsletters, commercials and branding initiatives. It will also do media placement for radio, campaign organizing and “anything creative in the business world,” said Siefer, director of operations.

Company officials anticipate $500,000 in billings the first year.

As the business grows, U! Creative owners anticipate employment growth as well. By next year, Siefer said the company should have between six and eight employees.

Brian Wilson, president of Wilson Advertising, said he doesn’t expect the new agency to affect his company.

U! Creative executives said they departed to have more control with their own agency. They expect to be competitive in the marketplace, especially with overall pricing.

Siefer said most ad agencies charge markups on outside services. But U! Creative proposes to connect clients with vendors — such as printers and photographers — so the client can manage the projects themselves.

It’s driven by customer need, Siefer said.

“That is why we call it ‘U! Creative,’ and not put our own names on it,” she said.

Campbell, company president, proposed the business venture in late March. Despite rushing to budget financing, order equipment and find a location, officials are confident in the agency’s future success.

While it’s noble to talk about not marking up outside services, the idea that this makes them a better choice for clients is not exactly a ground breaking creative strategy, nor is not putting your names on the masthead.

Having a website that people can find, along with your phone number and address, now, that’s a good starting point.

If U! Creative needs help going online in a way that will actually show up in Google, we highly recommend our seminar.