Marketing Automation

This is a secret page.
Hi There,

It’s not linked to in any of our menus. You only got here by invitation. Yes, you clicked on a link.

And, yes, we tracked it. That’s the start of marketing automation. But, we’re going to be kind- and give you the option to opt in to the next steps, instead of starting the marketing machine up and having autopilot make you go wow!

What we are offering is a chance to throw away your email sending program- like MailChimp or Constant Contact which have tools limited to you shout- and see who clicks.

We want you to have a real CRM- that’s a customer relationship management tool - so that you never forget to follow up, or assign other members of your team to follow up. Forget Salesforce, Sugar, or any other CRM- because this one integrates with your site, and does a whole lot more. Now when they click on a specific link from an email blast, you can categorize your customer, add to their lead score, begin a marketing campaign targeted toward them based on what they viewed on your site and more.

And, no more click bait for white papers or for a demo. We can even tell who visited your site, what pages they visited, for how long- and MAY be able to give you a name and phone number of a contact at that company.

Finally- your website really is like a store- where you can see who came in- and really have a conversation and track them.

With Marketing Automation we can:

Generate Leads:

Capture information with dynamic forms
Optimize campaigns
and integrate social media

Drive Sales:

Lead scoring to alert hot leads
Email automation for nurturing
Behavior tracking for lead insights
Sales notifications

Measure ROI

Comprehensive campaign analytics
Google Ads integration
Exportable graphs and reports
Eliminate waste
Invest in successful tactics
Content ROI tracking


Sales Analytics- Empower your sales team with key insights about each lead
Behavior tracking - Understand your leads so you can create one-on-one communication
Lead Scoring- Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads
Dynamic Forms- Capture more leads with forms designed to convert
CRM Integration- put your leads into your system or use ours
Sales Notifications- Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to buy
Email Automation- Send emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads
Campaign Optimization- Eliminate waste and identify opportunities

Results? More qualified leads.

That doesn’t happen by accident.

Instead of shouting at “a demographic” you can now talk to each customer in a meaningful way.

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